Browser URLEntelo wants to help companies become more diverse. And to do so, the company recently launched,  Entelo Diversity, a new diversity-focused talent search tool. The unique product assists recruiters with finding and hiring top talent from under-represented groups. It is now available as an additional module in Entelo’s suite of recruiting tools.

Entelo Diversity uses a proprietary algorithm to locate candidates whose social profiles indicate a high probability of meeting a specific gender or ethnicity; the algorithm also identifies candidates who may have previous military experience. According to the company, this information, layered on top of a candidate’s qualifications and skills, helps Entelo “provide a level of objectivity that ensures that hiring practices aren’t discriminatory in nature.”

“Entelo Diversity can help companies to find candidates that meet their criteria in a fraction of the time a cost of traditional diversity recruiting activities,” Entelo CEO, Jon Bischke, said. “The current methods of finding additional people from groups that a company deems to be under-represented are not very efficient. The ROI on a tool like Entelo Diversity can be almost immediate and result in very positive impact for companies large and small.”

“Diverse workforces make better companies,” Tommy Sowers, former assistant secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs, said. Tools like Entelo Diversity enable companies to easily find candidates from a broad range of backgrounds. I’m particularly excited this tool will help companies find Veterans, bringing their leadership, mission focused and team based skills to the best companies.”

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