cloud based meeting room management softwareEventBoard has announced the launch of EventBoard for Enterprise, a cloud-based software platform designed to bring meeting room scheduling into the mobile realm while providing enterprise tools and analytics.

EventBoard’s room scheduling software runs on existing iOS devices, such as iPad and iPad mini, allowing them to function as interactive display screens. By mounting these EventBoard-enabled devices in visible and accessible locations outside conference rooms, users are able to obtain real-time room reservation status at a glance, view future availability of the room, and schedule room reservations. An online dashboard allows for secure remote management of all devices running EventBoard.

EventBoard also includes an analytics framework that quantifies workplace activities by illuminating data that has previously been unavailable. This type of data includes knowing when and with what frequency conference rooms are being utilized, tracking average occupancy rates, and identifying underused and overused resources and spaces.

“Meeting room scheduling is a fairly common pain point across most organizations, regardless of company size. Once we eliminate this issue for our customers, they can then start thinking strategically about their organization from an operating flow perspective,” said Shaun Ritchie, CEO and co-founder of EventBoard. “Today’s workforce is very different from the workforce of 10 years ago, where the primary technology in an employee’s life was provided by their employer. Now, with the rapid advancement of the mobile era, employees are actively seeking out the same technology in the workplace as they use in their everyday lives. EventBoard gives companies the ability to embrace these changing trends as well as implement the same technology their employees are already accustomed to.”

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