financial numbersEvolv, a provider of big data solutions for workforce optimization, has announced an updated version of Evolv Workforce Optimization Cloud that includes newly developed predictive analytics application, Evolv Insights. Combined with Evolv Selection, the company’s hiring and assessment app, Evolv’s suite uses big data to bring to bear predictive analytics, machine learning, and workforce science for optimized hiring and management across the employee lifecycle.

“Through our work with leading Fortune 100 companies, Evolv has already proven that big data for the workforce can improve companies’ profits by tens to hundreds of millions of dollars each year,” Max Simkoff, co-founder and CEO of Evolv, said. “Now, with the launch of Evolv Insights, we bring the power of big data and predictive workforce analytics to operational and HR teams who can run our predictive models, perform simulations and analyze workforce data without any statistical training. Like a PhD in a box, Evolv Insights gives companies unprecedented insights into the drivers of workforce performance.”

Key features of Evolv Insights include:

• Rapid data integration using Hadoop-based technology for high-speed data alignment and readiness.

• Discovery of causal predictors of performance and attrition.

• Improving key predictive factors by implementing specific target actions.

• “What if” analysis to predict future impacts of specific actions.

• Assignment of critical tasks to managers for executing key improvement programs or strategies at the operational level.

• Predictive dashboards allow managers and executives to monitor progress against actions and receive updated predictions of performance and attrition at all levels.


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