employee advocacy appFalcon Social, an enterprise social media management platform, has announced the launch of Inspire, an employee advocacy mobile app designed to funnel branded published marketing content to selected social media channels. This latest product release enables companies to extend content reach and promote awareness of marketing news or campaigns to all employees across an organization.

Employee advocacy is gaining notice due to its potential for marketing, sales, and recruitment. Falcon Social is the first unified social media management platform to adopt the employee advocacy program model by creating a dedicated app. With Inspire, employees have the ability to share branded content to their personal social media networks of choice and help extend the reach of their company’s paid, owned and earned media.

Inspire allows employees to browse, read, or share content from their company’s internal marketing department, creating in-house brand advocates. The product features include common touch gestures, content-focused home screens, and integrated logins, allowing employees to share content to their preferred social media channels quickly.

“Employees are often overlooked when it comes to extending conversations online or sharing branded content,” said Ulrik Bo Larsen, Falcon Social founder and CEO. “With Inspire we’re giving all employees direct access to published content and the ability to share what they want, when they want.”

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