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Social media has become an extremely important aspect of recruitment advertising and marketing. Marketing through social media and networks has become a preferred method of reaching targeted groups and highly specific demographics, which lends itself particularly well to recruitment and employment campaigns.

Typically, in order to market goods and services through social networks, vendors will use the proprietary advertising networks within sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Additionally, there are third party companies that offer social media marketing, such as WildFire, which offers campaign management and viral promotion through the development of social contests. Besides paying for social campaigns, vendors also simply participate on networks through social updates and promotion of groups and pages in order to reach their target audience through the various social networks.

Social media marketing (SMM) is typically a supplemental form of marketing used in addition to a standard marketing strategy. The approach involves the utilization of online social media networks to facilitate the generation of public interest and communication with target audiences. SMM efforts center on encouraging the dissemination of product information and corporate messages through social network sharing between users.

Since social media platforms are easily accessible and widely used, inexpensive marketing campaigns are implemented to expand brand awareness and customer communication across a much wider network of consumers then previously available. The primary concept behind SMM is the optimization of corporate communication channels through linkage to multiple social media platforms and increasing visibility within social media search engines. The key idea is to have each customer participate in the marketing campaign of a product through sharing opinions and commenting on the opinions of others to expand brand presence beyond traditional marketing channels.

Joining social networking websites allows a company to interact with customers in a personal way. Social networking word-of-mouth campaigns are more effective than the traditional variety because as a corporate message is repeated by a customer, that message is shared with hundreds of other users who may have otherwise gone unaware of a product or company. Social networks also offer the ability to narrowly target a niche market through demographic data supplied by users and shared by networks to advertisers.

Additionally, with the increased presence of social networks on cell phones, social media marketing efforts are made more ubiquitous since corporate messages, product updates, and additional services may be offered to customers, in real time, at any time. The phenomenon of constant connection to social media through cell phones means customers can be continually updated and reminded about a product, its uses, and its importance.

Using social media in recruitment marketing is an effective way to drive referrals, distribute and promote your company's branding message, and develop a recurring/renewing talent pipeline. All of the principles of social marketing, such as viral distribution, branding, mobile marketing, and referral traffic easily apply to recruiting. While much attention has been paid to social recruiting, the application of traditional marketing practices and theory to social recruiting should further reshape and refine corporate recruiting and talent acquisition.
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