intersecting graph linesFanhub recently launched its social media-inspired CRM. The new, collaborative CRM was built by small business owners for other small businesses, and mirroring social media, it introduces follows, comments, @mentions and notifications into sales, support and case management.  The company says the new tool finally provides “a cloud-based CRM that fits the fast-paced, all-hands-on-deck approach of growing organizations.”

Features of the “first collaborative CRM of its kind” include:

  • Connecting co-workers, customers and partners through a single platform
  • Creating records for leads, prospects, deals, cases (workflow and task management) or spaces (shared collections of related cases, company initiatives and workflows)
  • Multiple user ability to “follow” created records to receive real-time updates
  • Posting comments and include co-workers or customers with @mentions directly within each record
  • Viewing and contributing to running thread of announcements, accomplishments, problems and tasks on central Fanwall
  • Individually customizable notification center
  • 360-degree visibility of customers and business
  • Constantly visible, secure and up-to-date information in entire customer lifecycle and history

“We created Fanhub because we wanted to do more than just ‘manage’ our customers,” Steve McIntosh, co-founder and chief fan ambassador of Fanhub, said. “We saw an opportunity to connect all of our prospects and brand advocates—including our employees—while providing a venue for truly collaborative service.”

The new collaborative CRM is also available on Fanhub’s iPhone app. The company is currently offering a free 30-day trial for businesses. Sign-up for your free trial here.

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