social-networkIs your business having a sales contest and wants to get your C-suite in on the action? Well, the folks at FantasySalesTeam  may have just what you need. The award-winning sales gamification provider recently updated its online platform with a new Fans feature, allowing your entire team—from the CEO down to the sales rep—to get into the game.

How It Works

The game players (sales reps) build teams with their colleagues, similar to a fantasy sports team. And the “players” earn points for everything they do. As the gamification company explains, a rep might earn points for each phone call he or she makes or every deal the person closes. Results are shared via online leaderboards and dashboards, making them highly visible to everyone in the company.

Reps also earn points for their specific FantasySalesTeam based on the performance of their chosen colleagues, something the company says creates an environment of encouragement, employee engagement and pressure amongst the players as they’re forced to rely and push on each other to perform.

And the new Fans feature allows anyone in your organization to login and create a team of reps to compete in the fantasy aspect of the game.

“Imagine if your sales manager or CEO puts you on their team for the week.  Do you think that’s going to be the week when that rep shows up late or takes a long lunch?” Adam Hollander, CEO of FantasySalesTeam, said. “Management, operations, marketing, service and other departments constantly feel left out of sales contests.  Now they don’t have to.  Everyone can participate and become invested in the success of the sales team.”

You can learn more about the new update by visiting the FantasySalesTeam website or by watching a short introduction video at

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