newspaper graphicLeadership development and training company Fierce Inc., has launched the newest module of Fierce Feedback for providing consistent feedback for the benefit of the whole organization. Fierce Feedback enables organizations to develop skills that encourage feedback conversations. The outcome of continuous truthful feedback includes more honesty, strengthened coworker relationships, more highly functional teams, and a more authentic corporate culture. The platform is designed for employees at all levels, from new employees, to mid-level managers, to the C-Suite.

“The art of healthy, productive conversation is multifaceted and requires development of the skill to offer and accept candid feedback,” notes Halley Bock, CEO and president of Fierce, Inc. “Our new Feedback module clearly maps out those skills and the proactive practices today’s workforce needs to maximize their personal and organizational performance.”

Fierce Feedback encourages more open exchanges of information, better communication among colleagues, and increased teamwork resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Senior-level executives can benefit from Fierce Feedback when forging better connections with front-line team members while more readily accepting honest feedback from them.

“After thousands of hours of hands-on training and intensive work with our clients, it became crystal clear that a dedicated curriculum on giving and receiving feedback would be of exceptional value,” states Aimee Windmiller-Wood, senior vice president of learning and development for Fierce, Inc. “We’re certain that clients across a wide range of industries are going to benefit from Fierce Feedback.”


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