social decision making cloud platformFingertip, the first social decision-making cloud solution, has been released to improve an organization’s productivity, profitability, customer experience, and employee satisfaction. In order to enable better decision making, Fingertip helps improve collaboration and the use of available information, knowledge, and expertise.

Fingertip captures the entire lifecycle of a decision from the drafting, to sharing, proposing, deciding, executing, evaluating, and closing of a decision. It can be used by organizations of any size, with staffs ranging from the singles digits up into the thousands, and located anywhere in the world. Fingertip’s holistic lifecycle approach enables continuous learning, provides visibility to what is actually happening in the organization, promotes accountability, and increases an organization’s ability to react to changes.

Jaakko Pellosniemi, Founder of Fingertip Ltd., said: “Four years ago, we set out to develop ‘a first-rate tool to solve a universal problem’. Not only did our dedicated team achieve that ambitious goal, but along the way, we realized that what we have in our hands could in fact be history in the making. None of us knows what Gutenberg was thinking, but if he felt half of what we are feeling, it must have blown his socks off. Organizations around the world make millions of decisions every day – small ones, big ones, crucial ones – yet decision-making relies a great deal on luck, as information is limited and time scarce for exchanging thoughts. Using Fingertip, any organization can make better decisions, make them faster, easier and smarter, and even learn from past decisions.”

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