December 18, 2012

FPC Survey Finds Good jobs now Easier to Find

newspaperThe most recent Workplace Poll released by FPC found that 49 percent of the 1,300 professionals polled believe that there are either more good job openings now than 12 months ago or their company is hiring more. A little over one-third reported the opposite saying that there is a consistent lack of job openings in their field or that their company was delaying new hires. The remaining respondents, about 16 percent, were unsure of the situation.

Nearly 50 percent of respondents said they had turned down a job offer due to insufficient compensation, an unwillingness to relocate, or lack of a good cultural fit. More than one in five respondents said they had accepted the first offer they had received while 31 percent said they have not received any job offers. Over two-thirds of respondents said they had taken no more than six months to obtain their most recent job and 17 percent said they started a new position within one year of beginning their job search. Just 8 percent said they searched for over one year before landing a job. An additional 7 percent reported requiring over two years to find a new job.

Ron Herzog, CEO and President of FPC commented on the survey, “Nearly half of job seekers we surveyed reported more hiring activity in their field than a year ago, while half of the job seekers said they have turned down a job offer in their current or more recent job search. These responses are consistent with the overall trend our FPC offices are seeing in the marketplace. There are more competitive jobs out there, and strong candidates with in-demand skills are receiving multiple offers in what has become a very tight talent market.”


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