smartsearch mobile appFrom the makers of SmartSearch software comes a free iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile recruiting app alongside the release of version 16 of SmartSearch. Users of SmartSearch need only to enter their customer ID number and login information to access the full version of SmartSearch recruitment software on their smart phone. Users can investigate job candidates, look up business contacts and job records, add notes, and access their dashboard in order to check out applications, candidate interviews, and more.

SmartSearch has been optimized for iPads including upgrades to the programs integrated text messaging system now integrated with which includes free text-broadcasting to US-based mobile devices. Functions such as receiving text alerts and reminders are available for all users and an inexpensive monthly subscription gives users access to the full menu of services. TextHub lets users personalize mass texts and receive replies from within texts using SmartLogic technology. Users of SmartSearch’s staffing agency additionally have access to call lists, sales activity, and one-click dialing.

SmartSearch currently boasts a user base of 165,000 and caters to 4.7 million job seekers internationally. More information can be obtained from or download the free SmartSearch mobile app from Google Play or iTunes.

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