zavanta sop software v. 6.0COMPROSE Inc. has announced the full release of Zavanta SOP software v. 6.0 including read/verify features. With the read/verify module, users can electronically complete the verification signoff process after reading a policy of standard operating procedure (SOP). Records then go directly to a database for easy reporting and tracking.

“Read/verify is an important but often time-consuming and tedious part of the SOP compliance process. Many customers asked for our help with this challenge and our newest Zavanta release solves this problem,” reports COMPROSE Marketing. “Companies need read verification records to protect against lawsuits as well as to comply with many regulatory mandates, but obtaining and tracking verifications without an automated solution is a labor intensive and error prone administrative task—requiring manual sign-offs and tedious record keeping.”

Version 6.0 of Zavanta continues to allow companies to create, publish, and maintain accurate policies and procedures and make them accessible to their workforces electronically at all times. With Automated Actions, companies can automate the process of emailing employees to notify of updates and verification requests. The read/verify/ module rounds out the process for tracking and reporting verifications for regulatory compliance and other HR purposes.


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