flipping magazine pagesThe first SMB-focused enterprise-class HR toolset, FutuHR Mobile is a stand-alone, cloud-based HR system designed to assist companies with less than 100 employers afford enterprise-quality HR capabilities. The fully mobile system has no upfront contract and licensing fees nor maintenance costs and delivers full HRMS with ESS/MSS, time/attendance, performance, compensation, payroll administration and integration, and reports.

Shep Sepaniak, president of FutuHR, said, “We knew what this system had to be in order to fill the SMB market void, and we built FutuHR to surpass every expectation. We were much more focused on building what was right rather than what was fast, and the end product that we now call FutuHR is very deserving of its name.”

Ryan Tweedie, FutuHR advisory board member, added, “Mobility is, of course, central to the FutuHR concept but the power of FutuHR goes far beyond mobility. The real power of FutuHR is that it’s the first truly affordable, cloud-based HR system that recognizes the needs of the SMB market and that allows businesses, even with as few as a dozen employees, to get the kind of value and operate with the kind of professionalism that historically has only been affordable to much larger companies.”

FutuHR is available on mobile iOS, Android, RIM, and Microsoft platforms in addition to desktop and laptop computers. The application may be downloaded from all major app stores including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and other software marketplaces.

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