next gen narrative based gamification platformNext-generation gamification company GamEffective has announced the release of its narrative-based gamification platform for accelerating sales, customer service, and employee training. Using game narratives, no-code integration, and graphic elements such as fantasy sports, virtual city building, and song contests, GamEffective encourages on-the-job mastery for sustained organizational improvement. Via avatars, employees are accompanied by the platform throughout the day and encouraged to acquire skills and become masters of their trade.

Teams play in contests or leagues where organizations can implement continuous improvement processes that provide measurable improvement in employee engagement. The platform provides analytical insights into employee behavior and assists employees in decision making, helping to balance organizational goals.

“Effective game mechanics require an understanding of motivation and the ability to formulate complex requirements into a meaningful experience that helps people learn and improve through the creation of skill and efficiency, as well as teamwork,” Gal Rimon, founder and CEO of GamEffective, said. “We take pride in offering a uniquely simple yet scalable platform that requires no coding, that has already proven itself in many successful deployments.”

GamEffective offers solutions for sales, customer service, and on-boarding where it offers calls to action, rich game narratives, and cross-platform integration. It works across enterprise applications without the need for coding.

“The gamification industry is realizing that narratives can be formidable drivers of engagement. Instead of just points and badges, we’re seeing gamification designs that use more interesting concepts and more gamification design elements, such as elaborate narratives which reflect behavior that managers would like to encourage, including progression to mastery, team building, or the process of decision making,” said Mario Herger, CEO of, a consultancy.


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