social science to enterprise scaleGear Stream Inc., a leading business-agility and digital-innovation firm, has announced the launch of Surge, a toolset for enterprise companies and startups to retain agility as they grow. The Surge platform provides performance management tools and enables business, IT, and operations teams to collaborate at improved speed, efficiency, and agility.

The Surge platform equips leaders and managers with tools for transitioning to new roles and styles of leadership. Surge provides managers with new tools for executing agile portfolio management, and agile teaming. Blending flexible high performance teaming models, “just enough” lean work management controls and social collaboration networks, Surge reduces implementation risk and increases organizational agility.

Gear Stream Founder and CEO Brad Murphy feels that most large companies are struggling to foster the required mindset, company culture, and rapid execution teaming competencies essential to digital brand leadership. Leveraging Surge, leaders and managers “emerge as strategic architects and facilitators of continuous improvement and digital innovation while team creativity and productivity accelerate.”

“In just 90 days we see material change start to emerge,” Murphy said. “Typically by month six, sustainable delivery and operational performance improvements can be measured that are meaningful to corporate leaders and attributed to the shift occurring as a result of Surge including:  improvements to business agility; customer experience; employee engagement; delivery cycle time, product quality, team productivity, and transparency across all teams and the entire digital/IT portfolio of work.”

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