GD_Healthcare_Infographic top sectionAccording to a new infographic from Glassdoor, there are currently more than 17 million healthcare professionals in the U.S., and 64 percent of them plan to look for a new job in the next year. And if employers hope to attract these job seekers, they’ll need to know the how and what of recruiting workers in the health industry.

Glassdoor’s infographic, “How to Recruit Healthcare Professionals,” has this covered as it breaks down how to attract and recruit today’s healthcare workers.

How to Recruit

If you want to recruit healthcare professionals, you’ll need to know where these types of workers look for jobs. According to the infographic, the top five ways healthcare workers hear about job openings are:

  • Online job sites (87%)
  • Friends (33%)
  • Recruiters (30%)
  • Former Co-workers (25%)
  • Social media (23%)

Healthcare workers respond differently to recruitment tactics. For example, the infographic notes that 43 percent respond to social media outreach and 34 percent respond to hosted meetup events that offer the opportunity to network with current healthcare professionals. Yet, just 17 percent of video interviews from healthcare pros that work for a company or hospital are effective.

And don’t forget about the recruiter-job seeker relationship when recruiting healthcare pros. More than half of these workers said they value the following attributes of a recruiter:

  • Transparent about pros/cons of companies/hospitals
  • Work as hard for job seekers as they do for employer
  • Knowledgeable about job seeker’s experience
  • Strong understanding of medical community
  • Solid communication skills

How to Attract Top Talent

Three-fourths (75%) of healthcare pros would leave their jobs because of salary and compensation, but don’t think this means you can attract these workers with money alone. Another 66 percent said they’re likely to accept less money to work for a company/hospital with a great company culture.

What Influences Job Decisions

A whopping 94 percent of healthcare pros read online reviews about a company before accepting a job offer, while 67 percent rely on current work colleagues.


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