November 13, 2013

Glassdoor Releases Employee Appreciation Survey, Infographic

Employee Appreciation Infographic sectionEveryone desires to be appreciated, and employees are no exception. And to demonstrate how greater employee appreciation equals better retention, jobs and career community site Glassdoor just released its Employee Appreciation Survey. The survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults reveals how appreciated employees feel by their employers, the biggest motivators for workers and what employer-provided perks employees desire most this Thanksgiving.

Key survey results show:

An appreciated employee is more prone to stay with a company longer. The majority (68 percent)  of employees reported that their boss shows them enough appreciation, and 53 percent said they would stay longer at their companies if they felt more appreciation from their boss. Appreciation also factored into an employee’s motivation:

  • 81 percent of employees said their boss showing appreciation for their work motivates them to work harder
  • 38 percent say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss is demanding
  • Fear of losing their job motivates 37 percent to work harder

Also, twenty-four percent of employees reported their boss shows more appreciation to employees with more experience, while 23 percent reported that their boss shows more appreciation to newer employees.

Three-fourths of employees are motivated by money. A whopping 75 percent of employees said a pay raise is a motivating and valuable form of appreciation. Employees would also like to be appreciated by:

  • Unexpected treats and rewards (46 percent; e.g., snacks, lunches, dinners, thank you notes),
  • Feeling involved in decision-making processes (40 percent)
  • Career opportunities (37 percent)

Recognition at a team meeting or in a company newsletter (35 percent)

Company sponsored social event (24 percent; e.g., holiday party, happy hour).

Employees want Thanksgiving perks from employers. Sixty-two percent of employees said they would appreciate not being required to work the day before, of and after this Thanksgiving.

  • Workers would also appreciate:
  • Cash bonus (49 percent)
  • Grocery store gift card (41 percent)
  • Pre-thanksgiving meal at work (19 percent)
  • Option to telecommute the days before Thanksgiving (13 percent)

Check out Glassdoor’s accompanying infographic below.

Employee Appreciation Infographic


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