Business People's Hands RaisedNearly every job seeker knows they need to prepare questions for job interviews. Although 92 percent of Americans fear something about the interview process, the outstanding candidates aren’t afraid to ask questions.

If you’re looking to hire the best candidate for your open position, pay close attention to the questions candidates ask. Use these questions as a way to gauge the preparedness of the candidate and whether they’d make a good fit.

As you get ready for your next round of interviews, here are seven questions great hires should ask:

1. What makes you most excited about working here?

When candidate asks this question, it’s a sign they’re genuinely interested in the day-to-day activities that take place within your organization.

As you explain your feelings about your job, pay close attention to the candidate’s body language and verbal responses. If the candidate lights up when you talk about why you enjoy your job, chances are they’re very interested in the position.

2. How has the company changed since you started worked here?

This question shows hiring managers the candidate is interested in the growth of the organization and how it has evolved over the years. It also helps the candidate determine whether they’ll be able to move up within the company once hired.

3. What are some new goals you have for this position?

Candidates who ask this question are interested in how they can be successful once hired for the position. This question shows hiring managers that a candidate is eager to learn and exceed expectations, too.

During the interview process, candidates want to show hiring managers that they will be a valuable asset once hired. As you explain your goals for the position, pay attention to their response. This is your chance to figure out whether the candidate is truly interested in the duties of the job.

4. Would you like to hear what I’d like to accomplish in this position?

If you hear this type of question, be sure to say “yes.” This is your opportunity to hear the candidate explain how they would take this position to the next level.

When the candidate explains how they will apply their experience and skills to the position, once again, pay careful attention to what they say. The candidate’s explanation should relate to the qualifications you desire and the expectations you have for the position.

5. What are new changes you hope I can bring to the table?

By asking this question, candidates are implying they want to be the best candidate you have hired to date. This allows the candidate to convince you that they have what it takes to be an impressive employee and why they are better than the other candidates.

6. Do you have any concerns about my experience or credentials?

This question shows hiring managers the candidate isn’t afraid of critical feedback about their experience. Be sure to address any concerns you genuinely have about the candidate when answering this question.

Remember, if you have further questions about the candidate’s credentials, you can always follow up with their references. This will give you a better idea of who the candidate is and what their background consists of.

7. What is one question you want to ask me, but haven’t yet?

When asked this question, hiring managers are able to clear up anything that may have been missed during the interview. Hiring managers can also ask details about the candidate’s previous job experience or accomplishments.

Superstar candidates aren’t afraid to ask tough questions during job interviews. If you happen to come across one of these questions during your next interview, it could be a sign you have a stellar candidate in your hands.

What are some questions do you think great hires ask?

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