financial numbersGroupTalent, a hiring platform for technical talent, plans to launch an intelligent search function to help employers and job seekers discover one another based on specific search criteria. According to GroupTalent, the new tool “levels the recruiting playing field by giving all companies the same firepower regardless of the size of their recruiting budget.”

“It is hard to believe that even today, job and candidate discovery remains a manual endeavor handled by specialized agents and internal corporate positions that are in charge of filling a variety of job openings. This is essentially an information discovery problem…a problem that’s been solved by computers many times over. It’s time that the hiring process caught up to other industries,” said Manny Medina, GroupTalent CEO.

The tool helps:

  • Developers and designers discover opportunities that align with their interests and decision-making criteria. Users can create rich profiles complete with contributions to various communities, companies, and individual projects.
  • Simplify the engagement and overall recruitment processes as companies easily create profiles for their open positions and invite specific talent that meets their criteria to review openings and discuss potential fits.
  • Provide companies with a new way to engage talent beyond outright full-time hiring. “Try outs” let companies incentivize passive candidates by giving them a “try” for a few weeks to feel out the company’s product(s) and team. Talent gets paid $3000-$7000/week to build something useful for the company while getting a taste for the corporate culture, and the company gets a chance to see if this employee would fit in as a permanent member of the team.

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