newspaper rollA survey from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange has uncovered that the majority of employers who have been slow to invest in enterprise mobility have done so because of costs. According to the survey, 76 percent of enterprise mobility users noted cost as the most significant obstacle when looking to invest in new technology solutions. The primary driver behind mobility technology initiatives was the improvement of workforce productivity, cited by 38 percent of industry leaders. The top issue employers wish suppliers addressed but don’t is more project demos and trial versions with 29 percent complaining that this lack made it more difficult to make technology decisions.

Julia Mansell, head of production at Enterprise Mobility Exchange, commented, “This survey provides fascinating insight into the reasons why enterprises are investing in mobile technology, as well as some compelling calls to action for all solution providers out there looking to help these companies deliver best-in-breed workforce productivity, customer service and operational efficiency. I look forward to discussing this with our network at our next Enterprise Mobility Exchange in November in Las Vegas.”



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