most popular job search toolsHireClix’s survey of job seekers and their preferences when it comes to the tools and technology they use during job searches has revealed that the vast majority (94 percent) still primarily rely on their desktop/laptop to search for work. These were the survey findings although job searches on mobile devices continue to increase with 64 percent of respondents saying that they use their smartphones for their job search.

“With nearly half of Americans on smartphones it’s no surprise that more job seekers are searching and applying for jobs via phone,” Neil Costa, founder and CEO of HireClix, said. “The takeaway for employers and recruiters is that they need to have a multi-faceted recruitment marketing and hiring strategy. It’s not enough to post job opening on job boards. We are seeing a major shift in how people will spend their recruiting dollars in 2014. Your strategy needs to include a quality mobile experience, use of social media, search engines and creative ways to target passive candidates.”

Other notable findings from the survey include:

• 68 percent of older job seekers (aged 45 years and older) are likely to search for jobs on their smartphones.

• Half of respondents reported that they would not use their tablet for job searches.

• Just 30 percent of respondents said they would consider using any kind of offline resources, such as newspapers and magazines, as part of their job search.

“We have seen critical sites in the recruiting space, like LinkedIn, make major improvements to their mobile apply experience because they want to be ready to engage with job seekers through the channel that creates the best user experience,” Costa said. “Corporate recruiting teams need to think about the overall candidate experience and be ready to explain why and how they are targeting candidates while they are on the computer or their mobile device.”


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