Green software code with a perspectiveDo you have a contingent workforce?  With much of the market still saturated with worry and fear over job availability and budgetary restrictions, many companies have turned toward employing staff members on a non-permanent basis.  Freelancers, contractors and consultants are all categorized as non-permanent and, until now, managing them has always been a bit of a challenge.

While it used to be that hiring on a third party or a temporary basis was in fact more expensive than hiring on a full-time equivalent, this is no longer the case.  There are a number of flexible software programs that are designed to assist with the contingent workforce management, and IQNavigator is one of them.

The advantages of a contingent workforce are many, including facilitating the benefits process, not having to provide sick or vacation days and only having to pay for work completed instead of a full or part-time salary. It is now said that 80 percent of all companies use at one category or another of a contingent worker in their workplace.

When an organization needs to be more flexible with its funds and needs to start seeing significant growth it generally considers making cuts.  While this might be necessary, more and more we are starting to see that companies are using contractors or freelancers for piecework, to fill in the gaps in employment whether it is for a maternity leave, sick leave of absence or a vacant position.

What sets IQNavigator apart from its competition is its ability to align itself with a client’s business strategy.  This means that the company does not, like many others, employ a solution that is simply created to meet a need, but instead to meet the particular needs of your organization.

Their software program, called SaaS, aides with procurement procedures, facilitating the process as far as procurement, receiving products and rendering payment.  Thus far, the alternative to this capable software program has been in-house software, which requires not only extensive research but higher expenses, or a third party application that is not customized to the needs of the business.

Potentially the most well received feature of IQNavigator’s extensive lineup is the ability to manage workflow on a mobile device. Whether you own an iPad, iPhone or Blackberry, the power to approve timecards or chart expenses right from your mobile device is incredibly attractive.

The automated workflow associated with the mobile computing component will also email approvals to the affected parties as required, notifying them that their timecard has been approved, or that they can take the requested vacation time off.

IQNavigator provides not only full implantation of their solutions, but also integrates the program with your existing setup and provides world-class software support to their clients.

With the incredible potential that businesses can derive from this fantastic model, it should definitely be on your shortlist, especially if you have been searching for a solution that will streamline the management of your contingent workforce, thereby reducing your overhead costs and leaving your revenues freed up for that next office upgrade or new product line.

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