newsIt’s the hundred year anniversary of the infamous fire of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City.  The women textile workers were locked into the room where they were sewing while fire destroyed the building.  Many of the women jumped out of the windows in a futile escape.  The anniversary has stemmed conversations about the legacy of this deadly factory fire.  How far have we come to ensure the safety of workers?

I feel comforted every time I hear the fire alarm of my next-door neighbor go off.  It makes me feel safer.  Who makes these important devices?  NOTIFIER, a division of Honeywell, is re-introducing its product line, expanded as a comprehensive life safety solution, encompassing fire, smoke and gas detection.

The program, whose primary audience is architects and engineers, also highlights the critical role Honeywell Distributors play in the sales process and successful implementation of the systems in commercial buildings and campuses worldwide. NOTIFIER by Honeywell worked with DScape Interactive to create a product video tour as a key component to reposition its existing line of fire, smoke and gas detection products.

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