Jim ThinkingFinding a new job and getting hired is a lot of fun, right? The hiring process is totally efficient. Rational. Fast. Fair. Friendly. Right?

Let’s check out how Jim got a job in just 10 easy steps. Well, not easy. And not for the job he wanted. But who can be picky these days? If you’ve ever tried to get a job or been on the other side of the desk, this may look oddly familiar. Let’s see if we haven’t all felt a little bit like our friend Jim.

Jim Gets a Job

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Does this hiring process look familiar? We wanted to highlight how crazy getting a job can be, especially at most big companies.  Most candidates have a similar experience to our fictional friend Jim. Even with great advances in technology, the hiring process hasn’t gotten any better. It would be easy to say that it’s worse than ever.

With millions of Americans out of work or underemployed, this is a big issue. We don’t mean to suggest any particular solution to the problem, but wanted to get you thinking about how you recruit and hire. Can you think of ways to do it better?

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