FoodYou’ve probably heard that, when it comes to the Internet, content is king.

But what you probably didn’t realize is that, by this same logic, creating content can be a major tool in your job search!

What I’m talking about is producing original material related to the field in which you’re trying to get a job and then using it to set yourself apart from the job-seeking competition.

You should know by now that every recruiter who comes across your resume is going to Google your name to learn more about you. Why not boost your chances of making a good impression by ensuring that, when they do search for you, they find top-quality, industry-relevant content that you created.

Here are three kinds of content you should be producing if you want to land your dream job:

1. A Personal Website

I was recently speaking with a friend who is a recruiter for a major financial company in San Diego. He said that, 9 times out of 10, he’d rather look at a job applicant’s personal website than their resume. He says that a personal website can give him a better idea of what kind of work a candidate produces and how the candidate sees themselves.

2. A Blog About Your Industry

Once you have your own WordPress site, it’s very easy to build your own blog. On your blog, you should aim to have at least one killer long-form post on a pressing issue that faces your industry.

CameraFor example, I recently worked with a young woman who wanted to get a job with a mortgage company. I told her that she should create a long and detailed blog about the state of the mortgage industry in her city. Once she had created an awesome post, I helped her send it out to a bunch of mortgage companies and real-estate-related blogs in her city. Within a week of sending out the post, she had two different job offers for above-entry-level positions.

3. Posts on Sites Like Reddit and Quora

In addition to creating a blog, you should actively strive to participate on sites like Quora and Reddit, and in Facebook groups devoted to the industry you want to break into. Not only does answering questions and sharing thoughts on these platforms establish you as an authority in your field, but it also allows you to piggyback on these monster sites’ search engine rankings. Quite frankly, a lot of recruiters go to those sites to look up the answers to their questions — and they’ll be very likely to spot you if you’re an active participant of these communities.

You want to make sure that your posts on these sites are extraordinary, detailed, and complete. Your aim should be to become one of the most well-respected and highly ranked commenters in the industry-specific areas of these sites. Once you have a list of impressive posts under your belt, you can use an app like Storify to thread them all together and send them out to prospective employers as a “Frequently Asked Questions About the Industry” packet.

The great thing about creating content is that it allows you to show your prospective employer exactly what kind of work they can expect from you. You’re not just telling them you’re a great employee — you’re showing them!

What other types of content should job seekers be creating to get noticed in their fields? Share in the comments!

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