SuitAs recruiters, we meet with a lot of clients from a lot of different industries. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to dress when heading to a client meeting. An outfit that says “serious and professional” to one client may say “stuck up and stuffy” to another!

Uncertain of what to wear to your next client meeting? Follow the client’s lead! For example, when meeting with a startup or tech company, it may not be necessary to wear a full suit. Try dressing “startup smart”!

Not sure what the client wears? Search for a team photo on the client’s website or social media pages. It’s safer to err on the side of “business professional” when a client’s attire is unknown.

Check out the infographic below to determine how to dress for your next client meeting. This infographic may also beĀ great for candidates who areĀ unsure of how to dress for their next interview!

How to dress for client meeting - Infographic

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