According to a new report from niche job board MedReps, medical sales professionals are a “fickle bunch.”

Despite high levels of job satisfaction among these professionals (72 percent of medical sales reps surveyed by MedReps said they were “satisfied or very satisfied” with their jobs), 47 percent of them say they may leave their jobs for other opportunities in 2016.

That’s bad news for any organization that employs medical sales professionals. How can you retain top talent when it seems like even job satisfaction is not enough to get them to stick around?

Well, you can start by addressing some of the things your sales reps may not like about their roles. Once again, you can’t let those high satisfaction levels fool you: As it turns out, medical sales professionals have quite a few grievances they’d like to air.

Below, check out MedReps’ infographic breakdown of the top 10 reasons why medical sales pros stay in their jobs – and the top 10 reasons why they leave. Measure your organization against the information presented here, and make sure you’re delivering as much of the good and as little of the bad as possible:

Job Satisfaction Med Reps

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