June 5, 2012

HR Call Center

call center peopleIt used to be that if you had a problem at work, or you were an employer looking for advice, that you could just walk into the HR office and get a solution to your problem or the answer that you were looking for.  From managing an insubordinate employee to dealing with a request for a raise, Human Resources used to be responsible for all of the ins and outs of the office, so that Managers could do what they do best, which is to run the business!

Unfortunately, we are seeing more of a trend towards businesses making an attempt to cut costs, and this generally means that they take on the responsibilities of HR themselves.  This can be quite the balancing act, between the day-to-day activities of the business and managing payroll, employment labor laws, employee recruitment, workplace health and safety and a number of other responsibilities that generally fall upon HR.

This cost saving effort led to the quick realization that help was needed when it comes to HR, so self-service options like toll free numbers that provided automated HR advice and answers were implemented, and it seems as if they intend to stick around.  While automation is generally not the most user-friendly way to go about dealing with your staff, businesses have found a good compromise between automation and human interaction in an HR call center.

Employees have the ability to call in on the toll free number and get up to date information about their benefits, the status of their 401K, their seniority information or even payroll history.  However, if an employee has a  question or concern requiring more detailed information, such as a conflict with a manager or sexual harassment concern, they can speak to a live human, who is an HR specialist and has the answers on hand to be able to give them the most accurate information and guidance available.

As you may have already guessed, the HR call center is a great way for larger corporations who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their HR department per year to not only eliminate redundancies, but to save on overhead and incidental costs as well.  This frees up resources that can be poured back into their business where they belong. Additionally, if a quality service provider is found that is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, employee trust and and satisfaction may actually rise.

Smaller businesses can also benefit from the HR call center model, where business owners may not be aware of the rights of an employee, or how deductions work.  Having access to the proper tools means that you can do your job and ensure that the lines of communication between you and your workers are clear, and that everyone is on the same page.

With a trend towards digitizing the future, the HR call center seems to be just another level that we’ve stepped up to.  Forget about waiting for days trying to get an appointment in with HR or having a specialized Generalist on site, you can leave HR to handle the recruitment and strategic aspects of the business and focus their energies on building your brand with stellar staff.

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