cloud based suggestion boxVocoli, in beta since 2013, has launched as a cloud-based platform accessible from any device. Vocoli allows customers to create an account for every employee, allowing them to log in and submit suggestions through one of two categories: operational efficiency or innovation. Once the idea is submitted, the employee is presented with some questions such as: “What is the problem as you see it?” “How do you fix it?” “Do you want to share credit of this idea with other people?”

With Vocoli, users can collaborate on ideas with their colleagues, then comment or vote on them. Or, they can submit their suggestions for a moderator to review and then pass along to managers or department heads. Companies can also leverage gamification by implementing competitions for employees’ ideas. A points system gives employees the ability to earn recognition for vocalizing their suggestions. Data reports also offer visibility into the impact and ROI of ideas.

Vocoli founder and CEO Rich Kneece has decided that the focus for the platform in 2015 will be on on adding new features to expand its value. The company has already introduced polls and surveys, which offer a social element and aim to build on Vocoli’s capabilities for customer involvement.

“The core of the app has been around employee engagement and innovation,” Kneece said. “But we also realize that a lot of these great ideas can come from other sources. So we’re introducing widgets for gathering input from your partners, vendors and customers.”

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