iCIMS logoiCIMS, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) recruiting and hiring software, announced on Monday that it recently acquired its former partner Jobmagic, the social media recruiting platform. Before acquiring the company, iCIMS collaborated with Jobmagic on its Social Distribution solution tool. The tool allowed iCIMS Talent Platform customers to efficiently promote job openings on more than 300 social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The acquisition will strengthen iCIMS’ social media technology capabilities and allow it to continue developing the functions of its connect, recruit, and onboard solutions. The merger will also benefit those who are currently using iCIMS’ Social Distribution product as it supports tighter integration with the graphical user interface (GUI), enhanced reporting features and new referral tracking capabilities.

“The Jobmagic acquisition was an ideal fit for our strategic plans,” said Colin Day, chief executive officer at iCIMS. “ It enables us to deliver a truly best-of-breed experience by uniting the cutting-edge social media development trends with core, proven talent acquisition functionality on the back end for recruiters and hiring managers.”

The new addition will also permit iCIMS to market, sell and support its Social Distribution tool as a standalone product. This would especially interest those companies that desire an independent social recruiting software solution, one without applicant tracking and a tool that can improve how the company reaches candidates through automating job distribution and employee referral programs across social networks.

iCIMS plans to keep Jobmagic’s corporate headquarters in Waltham, Mass., where the current Jobmagic team will continue to operate. The acquisition is iCIMS’ first this year.

“Simply stated, there are three ways to stay current with the social and mobile technology trends in the HCM landscape:  build, buy, or partner. iCIMS has acquired a trusted partner,” said Day. “We look forward to the advances possible within a unified roadmap — we’re joining forces to deliver game-changing hiring solutions that are simple, social, scalable, and well-supported.”

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