3D Illustration of a Man Moving Along to the Rhythm Coming From His HeadphonesWhether returning to work from an extended period of unemployment, from a long, relaxing vacation, or even just the weekend, you don’t have to return to the same old grind that you have become accustomed to over time. The secret is to develop a better work rhythm that improves your motivation plus boosts your health and productivity. As you head back to work, follow these tips to find a better way to work through your day:

1. Set Better Career Goals

The definition of work-related goals, for most people, involves considerations of personal attributes such as strongest skills and personal task preferences. And while such criteria matter in your work, solely focusing on what your job can supply to you is only one side of the issue. Along with thinking of what you want to do and do best you should also consider what your organization, industry, and the global workforce need from you. Needless to say, companies need their employees to be creative and take calculated risks, but the needs of your organization and the overall labor landscape should play an important role in guiding the goals you set for yourself.

2. Manage your Goals from a Larger Perspective

Unless you work directly under a CEO, your direct supervisor will always be under pressure from above to improve the performance of his or her unit. Be it to cut costs, expand the company, or improve performance, your boss’ pressures always weigh in on how your team is run. When you are developing your goals and considering how your organization can best use your talents, keep those higher-level pressures in mind. That is, if your boss puts special emphasis on a goal or project, so should you. By focusing your energies on solving the problems your boss finds most important, you help to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your boss. Eventually you will begin to anticipate your boss’ needs and meet demands ahead of time.

3. Create a Healthy Routine

It should be obvious that you will not perform at your best if you are unhealthy. Even if you spend additional time at the office to be more productive, being unhealthy can reduce your productivity to the point where no matter how long you work you don’t get much done. In the best interest of your health and productivity, formulate and stick to a daily routine that allows for sufficient sleep (at least 7 hours per night) and a regular exercise regimen. Schedule workouts and periods for sleep at the same time everyday so that your body and mind become accustomed to each activity and help your routine feel more natural.

Going back to work after an absence can be a shock to the system and really bring you down. But with a set of more comprehensive and considered goals and a healthier daily routine, the rhythm of your day can become more pleasant and productive whether you are working or at play.


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