people in bubbleMySafetySkills, provider of 300 OSHA, EPA, and DOT-compliant online safety training courses, has developed a new solution for individual learners. The suite of training courses for individuals are the same as those offered to corporate customers. The competency-based training requires no setup or long-term commitment and is suitable for employees required to take a course during their tenure at an employer either for employment or regulatory reasons or simply to learn more about a topic.

The SafetySkills Course Library is accessible on an as-needed basis using a pay-as-you-go model. Courses may be purchased as needed or in bulk with no deadline for completion. All courses include 3D animations, real-world simulations, and navigation structures that actively demonstrate and reinforce concepts in order to engage learners and enhance comprehension and retention of lessons.

Program design, maintenance, and support all originate from within the home company in order to ensure a tight integration of products and each component is regularly audited to guarantee that all courseware is always current with industry regulations and standards. For purchasing and other information about both corporate and individual competency training courses offered through the company visit the MySafetySkills official website.

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