isolved broker workbenchInfinisource has announced the release of the iSolved Broker Workbench, a set of feature-rich tools and reports within the iSolved human capital management technology that enables brokers to obtain critical visibility into their clients’ workforce. Infinisource’s relationship with the broker community has allowed it to partner with independent brokers and agencies to help serve their client base.

Businesses that use the iSolved technology can provide their broker of record insight into demographics for census information, Affordable Care Act compliance information, reminders, payroll dates, announcements and more.

“We continue to build new functionality into our iSolved product that drives engagement and productivity for our customers,” said Todd La Fever, President of Technology for Infinisource. “Brokers with access to this information can better serve their clients and can be more proactive with recommendations and assistance as needed.”

The iSolved Broker Workbench contains numerous reports that the broker can obtain on one client, or for all clients. These reports include:

  • A client summary with company information, Infinisource contacts, processing information and more.
  • A client landing page displaying reminders, payroll due dates, payroll run dates, contacts, quick links and announcements.
  • Client reports to be run and retrieved from the queue when needed.
  • An executive dashboard allowing choice of parameters and demographic details for one or all clients.

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