personBoth the Democratic and Republican National Conventions have ended and the candidates are confirmed. With the Nov. 6 election just months away, one issue continues to stand out among the rest: jobs.

Americans are asking, Obama and Romney are debating and everyone wants to know about unemployment. Since the recession hit and as our economy works toward slowly but surely recovering, the biggest question continues to be Where are the jobs?

Well, the numbers are in, and, from the looks of things, jobs are on the rise.

According to the ADP National Employment Report, private-sector employment increased this year by 201,000 jobs from July to August. This employment gain is the largest in five months, a hopeful sign for job seekers.

Take a look at how ADP’s infographic breaks down the numbers:

  • The private, service-producing-sector had the most increase with 185,000 jobs. Manufacturing had the lowest gains with 3,000 jobs.
  • Employment rates increased by more than 35,000 jobs over the past three months and more than 18,000 jobs over the past six months.
  • Jobs in both the goods and services industries increased over the past six months.
  • On average, manufacturing, construction and finance jobs all significantly increased during the first half of this year, with construction employment rising for the third consecutive month.

Initially, job gains from June to July were estimated at 163,000. The numbers were revised to account for 100,000 more jobs, increasing the total to 173,000. View the entire report here.

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