Happify infographic sectionBy now we’ve all heard the popular tune “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, and we’re all aware that happy employees produce successful, happy organizations.

And with the influx of college graduates into the workforce, companies should be well aware of what makes today’s top talent happy as well. This is where webapp Happify comes in.

The company created a new infographic, “Education, Striving for Happiness & Success,” which offers companies a detailed look on college graduates’ views of happiness.

For starters, the infographic notes that college graduates are more likely to say they’re “very happy” than workers without a degree. And 30 percent of millennials say meaningful work is the most important measure of a successful career, even more important than a paycheck.

And in what fields do college graduates find the happiest work? The infographic data reveals:

  • Nursing -86%
  • Special Education-83%
  • Medical Technology-80%
  • Biomedical Engineering-79%
  • Athletic Training, Social Work, Child & Family Studies-78%

The data also notes that St. George, Utah; Charlotte, N.C.; and Houston, Texas are the happiest cities for job-seeking college grads.

Check out the complete infographic below to also discover how current students find happiness through GRIT, extracurricular activities and school rankings:

Happify infographic

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