Millennials are officially the largest generation in the workforce — and while this is simply a matter of demographic inevitability, it has nonetheless caused what you might call “excessive hand-wringing” among corporate leaders.

Millennials, after all, are chronic job hoppers. What’s a company to do when the largest cohort of its workforce by age is loathe to stick around for the long term?

As it turns out, the millennial reputation for job hopping has been blown out of proportion. It’s actually quite easy to keep your Gen. Y employees on board. According to a recent survey from corporate learning management system Bridge, 86 percent of millennials could be convinced to stick around if their employers just offered them sufficient training and development opportunities.

“Millennial employees are looking for something different in their jobs beyond good compensation,” Emily Foote, vice president of customer engagement for Bridge, said in a press release accompanying the survey results. “They aren’t satisfied with routine promotions or pay bumps — they want opportunities to learn, develop new skill sets, and grow into leaders. Organizations that create learning environments are rewarded with employee engagement and loyalty.”

Want to know more about what millennial loyalty really looks like? Check out the following infographic, which summarizes some of the key data from Bridge’s survey:



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