Insala logoWeb-based mentoring software solutions provider Insala has announced the release of the newest version of its Hi-Impact Mentoring software system that allows for its integration into individual mentoring and coaching programs creating a single mentoring solution. The integration helps to lower the cost of offering mentoring and coaching programs while increasing the efficiency of the programs in promoting a supportive coaching culture.

“It’s logical. One platform to promote, inform, manage, and measure two talent development efforts that can have a tremendous impact on an organization’s bottom line,” said Judy Corner, Insala director of mentoring services.

The new version 5 lets program participants access tools and resources assigned specifically to them while having the opportunity to take on multiple roles in either or both programs. The software is also now capable of qualifying employees for activities in the case that they are unsure of which to take part in. The software bases qualification on each employee’s developmental needs and the specified definitions of coaching and mentoring within an organization.

The pairing of mentoring and coaching programs into one platform allows companies to better support talent management initiatives such as retention, employee engagement, skills and career development, leadership, and performance. Some additional features new to version 5 include expanded mentor matching options, improved program management tools, new reporting functions, and better relationship management capabilities.

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