timestar 8.0Insperity, Inc., a provider of HR and business performance solutions, has announced the release of Insperity TimeStar 8.0, the company’s flagship time and attendance tracking software solution. TimeStar 8.0 assists companies in Affordable Care Act compliance through proactive collection, analysis, and management of employee attendance and labor data in real time.

“Insperity makes it a priority to consistently deliver advanced solutions in technology that help business owners meet the demands of today’s evolving marketplace and remain competitive and compliant,” said Jim Wacek, Insperity Time and Attendance division president. “Insperity TimeStar 8.0 offers the most extensive variety of time tracking data collection options available, including a comprehensive secondary rates feature which automates pay scale variations by employee and task.”

Insperity TimeStar 8.0 includes enhanced capabilities such as:

• Automatic tracking for job costing, labor distribution, and regular rate of pay for employees with multiple duties and varying pay scales. This feature integrates with a host of payroll partners, including Sage.

• Views of key performance indicators including hours and wages, employee counts, and working status.

• Streamlined access to timesheet views with one-page data entry and approval for hours, dollars, units, mileage, and punches.

The more intuitive user interface makes for a faster, more easily navigable functionality and supports the most recent, major browsers. TimeStar 8.0 also automatically scales itself when accessed from mobile devices.


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