gbehavior wellnessInteliSpend Prepaid Solutions and gBehavior have announced a partnership to offer wellness expertise and wellness program design and delivery to lower healthcare costs for InteliSpend clients and their employees. Recent research has shown that for each dollar spent on employee wellness, medical costs decline by almost $3.25, while costs related to absenteeism fall by about $2.70. The platform, Rewards for Wellness, is designed to maximize employee participation in corporate-sponsored programs by adding incentives such as performance recognition for reaching wellness goals.

“Many employers are moving away from strategies to manage the cost of illness and are investigating ways to promote health through wellness programs,” Don Doster, gBehavior CEO, said. “Building on our vast experience in behavior modification to improve safety compliance and performance, we designed Rewards for Wellness, our corporate wellness incentive platform, to reward employees for choosing a healthy, active lifestyle. Our rewards program also monitors high-risk employees such as diabetics, and encourages them to follow treatment regimes. By realizing a significant reduction in claims costs during the first year, our clients benefit from a significant savings in healthcare costs.”

InteliSpend CEO, Darryl Hutson went on to say that, “Healthy employees make a healthy company. Whether its wellness, promotions or employee recognition, we at InteliSpend understand what motivates people,” said Darryl Hutson, InteliSpend CEO. “The right incentive can help change the course of corporate and personal lives. With the addition of gBehavior, we are now delivering to our clients the next generation of wellness solutions based on real, validated and actionable data.”

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