While cryptocurrency itself has many people excited about its possibilities, we can’t really say the same for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ever since the bitcoin boom began in earnest, crypto users have found themselves continuously frustrated with their options in the crypto exchange market. As John Biggs reported for TechCrunch last December:

Kraken is throwing up server errors every few login attempts. Coinbase can’t keep up with account creation and they can barely hire anyone to ramp up their engineering team of 20 souls. Exchanges take days to confirm new users, trapping bitcoin and cash inside their opaque innards. Shapeshift, a tool for converting currencies, is overwhelmed with work, some trades not going through for hours.

The good news, however, is that new exchanges are emerging to address the problems posed by the not-so-user-friendly exchanges of old. Enter Singularity-X, a brand new digital asset exchange from the team behind First Crypto ETF, the world’s first exchange-traded fund for cryptocurrencies.

A Digital Asset Exchange That Puts Customers First

Singularity-X sets itself apart from other exchanges through its staunch pro-customer approach. As CEO Peter Vrábel puts it, “We take a pro-client approach. That’s why we offer high-quality service and support that listens to our clients and helps.”

Whereas users of other exchanges often must wait for days or even weeks for problems to be resolved, Singularity-X promises support that responds to and resolves client issues within hours.

Of course, that’s assuming users even have problems in the first place. Singularity-X’s architecture was designed by a professional team (Match-Trade) with extensive experience in building forex, financial derivatives, and CFD contract trading platforms. Singularity-X’s matching engine can process 20,000 trades per second. Furthermore, the security of digital assets is ensured by a combination of hot and cold wallets, where only a small portion of assets remains in the hot wallet and the remainder is safely stored in a cold wallet.

Currently, Singularity-X offers trading for the most popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Both crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat trading is available. Trade pairs are available in USD and EUR. Clients wanting to trade a crypto/fiat pair will undergo the standard KYC/AML procedure. Singularity-X manages risk through Thomson Reuters World-Check, which helps the exchange meet due diligence obligations.

Multiple additional cryptocurrency projects have requested listings on Singularity-X, and the exchange plans to add more and more currencies over time — but, Vrábel notes, the exchange will “only sell individual currencies when we can offer our clients sufficient asset liquidity.”

Singularity-X Press Release: http://bit.ly/2s2gYlm

For more information on Singularity-X, visit www.singularity-x.com

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