collegeIt’s pretty incredible that we’ve gotten to the point where people are asking whether or not college is even worth the costs anymore. But, that’s reality right now, at least in the United States. The costs of college and general living expenses are rapidly escalating while unemployment remains stubbornly high. Although it seems almost blasphemous, asking whether or not college is still worth it is a legitimate inquiry.

Many media outlets are discussing whether college is worth the costs anymore. The topic may be particularly heated due to the fact that college loans for students are becoming an election year debate in Congress. This infographic that was recently put together by does a good job of quantifying some of the costs of college and attempts to answer whether or not college is worth it for most people.

Some of the data highlights:

  • Almost half of 18-34 year olds chose not to go to college because it was too expensive.
  • College degrees are still worth almost ten times their cost over the course of a working life.
  • After graduating college, an overwhelming majority of students say that going to college was a worth it and a good investment.

college worth it

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