On Starting a Career

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Whether you are just starting out in a new industry or are just starting the first job of your career, it's important to understand that this is a very important period of transition. Whether you are moving into a new work environment and culture or learning the ropes of working a regular nine to five, there is a lot to learn.

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Starting your career can be an ominous undertaking, especially if you do not have a clear career path already chosen. It is difficult to gain job experience without a job, and difficult to land a job without the required work experience.

As of this writing in 2012, new graduates and young people just starting their careers have the highest unemployment rate among all groups, so it's a difficult time to be just starting out. We have a lot of career resources throughout our site, including interview tips and resume advice that are particularly well suited for those just entering the workforce for the first time. Take the time to explore these articles as you look for your first job through our job search engine.
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