We may be facing a worldwide employee engagement crisis, but at least employees seem to by and large like their jobs.

That’s according to a recent survey from the pre-employment specialists at EBI, which found that 53.3 percent of employees¬†love their jobs, 36.9 percent of employees are¬†neutral about their jobs, and 9.8 percent hate their jobs.

In general, older workers (35+) were more likely to feel positively about their jobs in the EBI survey, whereas younger workers (18-24) were more likely to feel negatively.

It’s important to note that liking your job isn’t the same thing as being engaged at work. In fact, some people like their jobs specifically because they mentally checked out long ago and now have very little to do or worry about in a given day.

That being said, job satisfaction is still important for employee well-being, which is in turn important for a happy, productive workforce. Instead of ignoring satisfaction to tackle engagement, use employees’ current levels of satisfaction as the foundations on which to build a more engaged workforce.

Check out the full results of EBI’s survey in the infographic below:

How-Do-Your-Employees-Feel-infographic (1)

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