October 23, 2013

Job Growth Bolstered by Health Care Sector in January

graph linesWhile the overall national employment rate has remained relatively steady over the past many months, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the economy has seen an additional 157,000 jobs added in January, specifically within the health care sector. The health care sector has added over 320,000 jobs within the past year. The number of jobs in hospitals and other health care jobs is also expected to continue climbing as the number of patients steadily increases.

MedZilla.com’s employment report for February 2013 has found that with the recent adoption of health care reform policies, the addition of previously uninsured individuals into the medical system, combined with a gradually aging population, has led to a rise in demand for health care services resulting in an influx of available jobs. Even dating back to 2011, hospitals alone were employing more than 10 million workers while providing over $2 trillion in annual economic activity.

The report also cautions that the rise in demand for health services is forcing a large shift in national resources into the medical industry leading to a developing issue not constrained by a single industry. Del Johnston, manager of client relations at MedZilla commented:

“It is important not to underestimate the impact Health Care IT can have on our Financial Sector. I think for many people this may come out of nowhere, and yet, it is really staring them in the face. It is almost as if people assume that the Health Care Industry integrated IT systems and Electronic Record Keeping back in the 90’s when many of the industries were going through their IT boom. That just wasn’t the case. The amount of redundancy and waste caused by paper systems is almost overwhelming to consider; the scheduling issues, the communication problems, the security and HIPAA problems. The good news is that we’re just seeing the beginning of the solutions that can be provided, also.”


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