August 13, 2012

Job Openings on the Rise as New Training Initiatives Appear

jobs’s Employment report for August 2012 shows that over 163,000 jobs were added to the job market in July, well outpacing employment predictions for the month. But though the number of available jobs rose sharply, the number of persons unemployed remained virtually unchanged from prior months. Expected layoffs for July were also down for the second consecutive month while the number of discouraged workers dropped significantly. Private sector firms hired an additional 172,000 people in July and planned layoffs were down 45 percent over-the year; signaling a real trend toward economic stability.

The U.S. Department of Labor expects healthcare jobs to experience dramatic growth over the next ten years impacting the economy in a major way. The estimated demand growth for health care workers is expected to run as high as 71 percent as the population ages throughout the next decade. The need for workers will be so great that federal policymakers are expected to meet in order to discuss the state of Personal Care Attendant training, in September.

“Education is in the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to how to get people into these job openings. On one hand you have job seekers who can see the job opportunities are there. However, there isn’t this huge pool of discouraged workers anymore. Now they want to know, ‘What do I need to do to get into these positions?'” says Del Johnston, Manager of Client Relations at

Furthermore, Bloomberg reports that companies across the country are reporting over 3 million empty jobs each month since February 2011, despite the fact that 13 million people submit applications for these jobs every month. This gap may be the result of American companies’ unwillingness to invest in training employees, though that mentality appears to be changing due to current circumstances.

“It’s important for everyone in the job market, employers and job seekers, to work together to get the unemployment down. That’s why you’re seeing these programs popping up now. The employers are saying, ‘OK, you want to prove yourself? Here’s your chance,'” encourages John Burkhardt Managing Director of

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