July 16, 2011

Jobcentre Plus

checkAbout Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre is a government agency service which is run in Great Britain for working age people. The agency formed when Employment service, merged with the Benefits Agency, and was renamed as Jobcentre in April 2002. When Jobcentre was first introduced, it was a govrnment-run Labour Exchanges system, started by Winston Churchill an William Beveridge, who worked to make more efficiently run labour systems. The system was set up to address the turmouil of the labour market.

Today, Jobcentre is a service of a government agency (which is how it was initially set up) which supports people of working age from welfare into work, and helps employers fill their open vacancies. Jobcentre is a part of the department for work and pensions system, which plays a role in promoting opportunities and independance for all workers, through a custome focused service program.

Jobcentre’s main focus is recruitment of employees seeking in employment, and matching them to job openings which fit their skill sets and capabilities. The service’s main goal is to provide high quality and the most efficient service to all customers (employers seeking employees, and employees in need of employment). Jobcentre seeks to constantly increase the supply of labour by promoting work as the best form of welfare, and to help those individuals who are unemployed find the right opening in the market for them. They seek to pay customers the correct benefits they are owed, and protect the entire benefit system in the country; provide high quality services to employers, in turn filling open vacancies more quickly and efficiently with the right employees.

Jobcentre aims at continually improving their system of posting available job openings, and finding the right candidates to fill the openings; to offer the best benefits services to those in need of it; and to increase the overall productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the system, to place the most individuals in the right careers, and match them with the right employers. Jobcentre plus online offers the greatest job placement service, and is continually aiming to improve their services to both employers and employees alike.

About the Department for Work and Pensions, Govt Agency (DWP)
The DWP is designed to support Ministries in developing and implementing policies and strategies in Britain. The DWP’s goal is to help: people who receive benefits, people who need work, the disabled and elderly, and people who get state pension. The DWP supports the government’s overall commitment to being open about how the public sector is built and functions, and how money in the Ministries is spent.

The DWP is organised by hierarchy. An executive team supports the head of department in providing corporate leadership. The DWP is led by the Permanent secretary, and consists of: client group directors, corporate function directors, and agency chief executives. This executive team is the DWP’s principal corporate leadership and decision making team.

Next, are the board members, who form collective strategies and operational tactics for the Department executive team to follow. The board joins the Minsterial and civil services together, with senior non-executives from outside of the government body. The board is basically in charge of overseeing other bodies of the DWP, and making sure they are properly functioning.

Jobcentre plus website
The way in which Jobc entre Plus has set up their website, is similar to many job listing websites. They offer a comprehensive site which lists the job openings, companies which are seeking employers, and offers potential employees to search by job category, and find the proper job to fit their work skills and capabilities. Since the site is government based, the job postings are up to date, the site can be trusted, and employees and candidate can be rest assured that the jobs on the site are legitimate.

Jobsearch facilities are available to anyone using the Jobcentre website, through touch screen interactive jobpoints in local Jobcentres, or over the Jobseeker direct phone system. The website is the most visited recruitment site by residents of the UK. However, since 2010, Jobcentres site no longer contains actual job posts, and will redirect visitors to search through the government run site Directgov jobs (portal site), which lists all openings run by Jobcentre. So, the site basically works as a hub for jobseekers, and redirects them to the proper link for available openings in the market.

Jobcentre Plus Vacancies
Vacancies are updated on a weekly basis, guaranteeing jobseekers the most up to date and comprehensive listings available to them. To search for vacancies, jobseekers can either search on the government’s page www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/jobsearch, or using the job terminals located all accross the country. These terminals list up to the minute vacancies all over the country, so no matter where you live, when a new job comes up you will know about it right away, if searching for vacancies using the job terminals. These terminals are also the location where individuals will collect their weekly allowance while out of work, and seeking new employment.

Another resource for vacancies is you local Jobcentre office, where advsiers will offer great career advice to help you find the right opening, or will give you advice about how to re-train for a new career focus and enter a new job sector. Aptitude testing is used on individuals who are seeking to find a new career choice, to determine their qualifications, and to determine if they have the requisite skill sets required.

Either using the government based page, or the job terminals, is the best way to get the most up to date vacancies, and finding your next job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Jobcentre Plus Scotland
When looking for a local Jobcentre office in Scotland, individuals should have no trouble at all coming up on their local office to find the most up to date listings and advice from advisers in their location. Jobcentre offices are found in most cities and towns throughout Scotland. No matter what major city you live in, finding a local Jobcentre office is as easy as doing a search on www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/jobsearch, or by doing a local search on the job terminals located in your city.

Posting a job vacancy with Jobcentre plus
Jobcentre advertises vacancies for employers by using an LMS (Labour Market System), which can be accessed by customers using Jobpoints or through Jobcentre’s website and telephone service (Jobseeker Direct), which posts the Jobcentre Plus jobs openings and availabilties. Jobcentre also administers calims for income support, employment and suport allowance, jobseeker’s allowance, and incapacity benefits.

When a company wants to post a opening with Jobcentre they must include: job title (and job reference if applicable), location of employment, required experience, qualifications, and training sets. The more information a job posting has, the better the chance the employer will find the quality worker they are seeking to fill a certain vacany. Through the Jobcentre terminals, government assistance to indvidiuals of the UK seeking employment, and various Jobcentre office with advisers offering assistance, job vacancies usually fill up rather quickly, and employers typically get the quality worker they are looking for.

Jobcentre is a great place to go to find employment if you are unemployed, and to find workers if you are an employer seeking quality workers. It is a government run agency, therefore will offer financial assistance (allowances) to individuals who are unemployed during the time they are seeking employment. Jobcentre has come a long way since initially introduced into the UK, and has been a great agency for individuals in need of employment after losing a job, or looking for a new career change.

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