newspaper rollHR Policy Association website recently revealed some of its best advice for job seekers in the New Year. Based on job seeker questions about standing out during interviews, the company said a consistent piece of advice offered by hiring officials was to follow up after an interview with a well-crafted, punctual thank you note.

Recruiters offering advice on all agreed that thank you notes are not only noticed but appreciated by hiring officials.

“As a recruiter it still surprises me how many people do not send a thank you note after an interview and added that thank you notes are, “viewed as a true indication of your interest level,” one recruiter wrote.

Recruiters said thank you notes:

  • Show good character
  • Offer one more chance to ‘sell’ yourself and express your interest in the position
  • Can be both emailed, hand-written or sent via LinkedIn in-Mail
  • Punctuated correctly, have proper spelling and are grammatically correct

Advice on the site explained that thank you notes don’t need to very long or detailed; their purpose is to remind the recruiter or interviewer of the candidate. “You want the memory of your conversation to stay top of their mind to remind them of something specific you talked about and it does not have to be job specific,” a recruiter wrote.

Recruiters also advise candidates to reiterate their skills and interest in the position at the close of the thank you note. Also, they say to avoid sending an email within minutes of leaving the interview, because doing this can show that the job seeker seems too “hurried and merely checking the box.”

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