logoPremiering on January 25, 2013,’s Jobsite Talk will begin transmitting periodic radio shows to expand upon the content already available on the site’s blog. The first episode will host Chris Fields as he discusses becoming more hirable in 2013 with host Rayanne Thorn. Later episodes will feature discussions with blog writers about job search advice for job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers. Events and technology developments will also be covered by industry professionals who will be regularly invited onto the show.

The blogger lineup (and eventual Jobsite Talk regulars) include: Michael Long – employment branding expert and recruiter; George LaRocque – HR and recruiting technology strategies and analytics expert; Nancy Rubin – vice president of HR in healthcare; Todd Langwell – freelance writer and jobseeker advocate; Chris Havrilla – HR technology consultant and recruiting leader; Jerry Albright – owner/recruiter for IT, engineering, manufacturing, and HR; Stacy Donovan Zapar – CEO/recruiter named “most connected woman” on LinkedIn; Andy Gregory – owner/recruiter and jobseeker group facilitator; Mark Sullivan – talent acquisition leader and recruiting consultant; and Christopher Fields – HR generalist and resume coach.

Currently in its beta phase, helps employers find applicants for advertised jobs with smart software that assesses candidate matchability. Interview facilitation for matched applicants is available for a small fee. For job seekers, offers a resume-to-job matching service that finds posted jobs that precisely match their experience and job preferences. Jobs may then be reviewed and applied to. New services are forthcoming as the site continues to evolve to its full release.

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