social media cloudJobvite has announced the results of the Job Seeker Nation: Mobility in the Workforce Study  examining the defining characteristics that set job seekers apart in the labor market and how this impacts the methods and tools they use to seek career opportunities.

Notable findings include:

  • Technology contributes to increased demand for highly skilled workers. These job seekers have the demand and skill to change jobs more frequently, giving them increased mobility within the labor market. Unlike low-mobility workers, high-mobility job seekers are predominately female, college educated and actively use social media and mobile technology in their job search. They are generally more optimistic in their career prospects, resulting in the flexibility to switch jobs more frequently.
  • The study found that 70 percent of high- and low-mobility workers change jobs every one to five years. Regardless of education or skill set, workers never stop searching for jobs, yet the way in which high- and low- mobility job seekers find jobs differs significantly.
  • Data shows that twice as many high mobility job seekers use recruiters or social networks during their job search. These job seekers are more likely to use LinkedIn during the job search than low-mobility job seekers. Low-mobility job seekers prefer to use referrals and Internet job boards, in addition to Facebook, to find the next career opportunity. However, both tiers of the labor market find the ability to apply for jobs on a smartphone important.
  • High mobility job seekers have more choices and opportunities for advancement. Data reveals that education, skill set, and demand contribute to job seekers’ optimism, which contributes to their increased flexibility and mobility within the labor market.

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