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Social networks have become increasingly important to job search and professional networking. Find resources and articles about how to use social networks and social media for employment, personal branding, and career search.

Whether you are actively looking for a new job or establishing yourself as a leader in your profession, social networks can be of great use to professionals. Social networks have become the place for establishing your professional identity.

Successful networkers routinely engage with their network and consistently build and grow their social connections. If you use social networks consistently and with focused intent, they can be of particular importance and utility if you do happen to be looking for a job or a job referral.

The major social network players (as of 2012) include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. A site called Pinterest is taking off, but do to its reliance on images, it will not have any likely importance to employment or job search.

- LinkedIn has established itself as the strongest social network for professionals to connect and engage with each other.

- Facebook has become the most popular website in the world, which creates an urgent demand to use the site for career and professional functions. As of this writing, most use of Facebook for job search has been through third party software.

- Twitter has become the way the world communicates breaking news. Twitter has not emphasized the professional profile as much, but a tight integration with LinkedIn and an easy way to distribute jobs keeps them relevant to employment and recruitment.

- Google recently debuted Google Plus, which quickly became a popular social network due to Google's ubiquity across the web.
  • Using LinkedIn

    Find out about LinkedIn for job search and recruiting: articles on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, connecting with recruiters, and tips on recruiting employees using the popular social network.

    Using Facebook

    Find ways to use Facebook to advance your career. Learn how to use the popular social network for career connections and recruiting. Recruiters, keep updated about new recruiting technology for recruitment with Facebook and other social networks.

    Using Google Plus

    Google Plus is Google's new social network. Find out how to find people on Google Plus and use it for professional networking. Search resources and articles on social networks, social media, and best practices for engaging with connections and developing your online presence.

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